Friday, March 2, 2012

Antlion : Alternative Treatment for Diabetes

Antlion is the name for the insect family Myrmeleontidae. In this world there are about 2,000 species estimated Antlion and spread throughout the world, especially in the area is warm and sandy.
These animals are unique because of the habit of larvae walking backwards while digging a nest. Antlion's name is given because the hunting habits of their larvae are ferocious ants by digging traps in the ground so it is considered as the "the ant lion".

Antlion has Myrmeleontidae family name derived from the Greek myrmex (ant) and leon (lion), so the name can be translated literally Myrmeleontidae "ant lion". Family Myrmeleontidae itself belongs to the order Neuroptera that the Greek can be translated as "wing nets" or "veined wings". The name was given because all the insects in this order have two pairs of transparent wings and deep.

The results of the research students of the Faculty of Biology, University of Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta, namely Dindin Hidayatul Mursyidin, Salahuddin Muhammad, Dian Personal Mighty, Sekendriana, and Prabowo, showed that total fat Antlion between 17.22 % - 21.56%. Fatty acid content of total omega-3 (EPA and DHA) are also quite high, ranging between 7.75 % - 14.48 % higher compared to other types of crustaceans such as shrimp, lobster, and some types of crab.

The content of EPA (6.41 % - 8.43 %) higher than DHA (1.34 % - 6.57 %).
Based on these results, Antlion can be consumed directly. However, more research is needed on other nutrients such as minerals or protein. Also on compounds such as heavy metals and harmful toxins.
Antlion digging traps in the ground
Another study states, it serves as an anti-diabetic animals because it contains a sulfonylurea. This substances is launching the pancreas to produce insulin.
When the insulin in the body decreases, while blood glucose levels rise, there will be an imbalance. Insulin as a producer of energy-reduced, making the body susceptible to disease.
Including oral hypoglycemic sulfonylurea agent (a substance that lowers blood glucose to function) in people with type-2 diabetes. Sulfonylureas increase of the hormone insulin by the pancreas.
The content of omega-3 fatty acids in the Antlion can raise insulin levels, which can lower blood glucose in patients with Diabetes Mellitus. Despite its proven benefits, Antlion as an alternative medicine for diabetes is still being debated in the medical world.
Antlion used to treat gangrene due to interference of high blood sugar levels. In the theory of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), is efficacious insect blood circulation. These animals like earthworms and leeches that can penetrate or destroy clots in blood vessels.
Antlion is believed to create a better cell regeneration. And because of the nature of these animals like scraping the ground, to be able to destroy the plaques in the blood vessels.

 Illustration: Antlion digging traps in the ground
There are two kinds of ways to eat Antlion :
1. Directly ingested as many as 3-5 tails, twice a day.
2. Inserted into the capsule, then drink twice a day (morning and afternoon).

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